What is the cloud?

People keep talking about “the cloud,” but most of us have no idea what it is or why we should use it. Well here is the low down…

The internet was originally referred to as “the cloud.” But it was restricted to communication between computers in a building and was nothing compared to the technology of today. The idea of “the cloud” was not really even a word, it was wild hand gestures suggesting alot of movement in an attempt to describe something that was here but not here.

Kind of like air.

Think… the little lines around Pigpen’s head (cough… random Snoopy references).

The idea of the cloud today has not changed too much. The biggest difference is that your smartphone has thousands of times more processing capability than those early computers and networks. All of these little mini computers are moving toward being mobile. They have to. Our culture is on the move and we want to be able to carry our “big computer” in our pockets, but until recently it wasn’t easily setup for the average user. Luckily for the general public the cloud has become a user friendly reality in the last few years.

So how does it work?

Large companies, like Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, and others like Dropbox and Sugarsync run servers to which you send your information. Basically, via selling ad-space on their websites and through monthly storage plans for high-end users, they are able to offer off-site storage to consumers at cheap rates.

And what does it do?

By creating an account with one of the aforementioned companies you agree to having them host your data.

It is like having a thumb drive that you won’t forget to take out of the pocket of your jeans!

Most of them allow you to pick certain files for backing up and that’s it – BAM! Once you have selected the important files for backing up to the cloud, they are continuously monitored for changes and backed up when changes occur.

Create a free 5 gb account from Sugar Sync and stop worrying about losing your files or forgetting about them at your laptop at home!

Click on the link above to setup a Sugar Sync Account. Once you’re up and running you can access all of your uploaded documents from your iPhone, iPad, and any other computer provided you have internet access.

This cloud account has not only saved me countless times, but many of my clients as well! … What are you waiting for??? Stop wasting time and energy on the ground and get into the Cloud!

More to come next week from Anything Apple!

Anything Apple Martha’s Vineyard specializes in Mac and PC repair and support services for your home and office. Whether you are in need of a custom website, wireless networking or even tutorials Anything Apple MV is there for you! Visit us at www.anythingapplemv.com (508)560-3510





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